Orion Future Technology's owners Martyn Charik and Gidon Bahiri have concluded their retirement sale to family owned business Milbank Group
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Welcome to Orion Future Technology
We take an ultra-safe approach to improving plant health. Founded in 2005, our primary aim is to find new and existing compounds and novel formulations to improve crop health in the fight against Agricultural and Horticultural Pests, without compromising consumer health.
There is a need to increase food production. At the same time there is a trend to move away from conventional pesticides and a desire to reduce chemical residues in food. Supermarkets and wholesalers are putting pressure on growers to achieve this without wanting to pay more for such produce. This has led to a sharp increase in the search for environmentally friendly Bio solutions.
We currently sell to over 20 countries worldwide, including, United Kingdom, Africa, Central America, Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Germany
Research by Orion FT, in conjunction with leading Universities around the world including Reading University, Hertford University, and the Vulcani Institute, has kept us at the forefront of growing and food safety technology.
With more than 70 years combined experience in agronomy with growers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Central America we know our feet are well and truly on the ground.
Our manufacturing plant in the UK ensures that products are produced to the highest standards. We are ISO 9000 registered.
We don't produce any conventional pesticides, ensuring no cross contamination with other pesticides and our products. Our goods are packed to EU certification standard and are routinely tested, independently, for heavy metals.
Crops we supply to include, flowers, vegetables, top and soft fruit, Avocado, pineapple, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and other cucurbits, peppers, vines, glasshouse crops, potatoes and amenity crops.

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